5 Post Ideas for Social Media

Ever get stuck when deciding what to post? Get creative and think outside the box. Here are 5 post ideas for social media!


Post a testimonial of a client having a great experience working with you. #TestimonialTuesday is very popular on Instagram and it’s an easy way to stick with a pattern and post every Tuesday. If you ever get stuck about what to write for a caption you can always pull from your testimonials.

2. About us

People want to know about you, that is why they are already following you! You probably have followers who you don’t even know, so don’t be shy and introduce yourself. My favorite way to do this is to post about the owner and give 5 facts. Short, easy and to the point!

3. Giveaway

This is my FAVORITE type of post to create! These post get the highest amount of engagement and tons of new followers *if done correctly. Your content matters!!! Make sure it is a nice clean photo that makes you look twice. Don’t forget to TELL them what to do ( comment below, tag a friend…)

4. Behind The Scenes

Allow your followers to take a look at your behind the scenes operations where the typical customer has never been before. This allows your followers to feel special and take the next step in your “relationship”.

5. Meet the Team

Work with some awesome loyal people? Feature them with a weekly #meettheteammonday. Tell us a little bit about them so when and if we enter your business we already feel like we know you. Talk about who they are, how they got here and a few cool things about them.

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