How to Conquer Facebook Groups

The magical place where I get majority of my referrals: FACEBOOK GROUPS✨
You probably belong to a few Facebook groups by now, but these are SO undervalued and most of the time forgotten about. Here are a few key points to consider when learning what group to join:

🔲 LOCATION: Go to the SEARCH bar, type in your TOWN, click GROUP! Now browse and join ones that peak your interests & stay away from the yard sale sites if you don’t sell a product. I find searching south Boston, Bridgewater and the surrounding towns work best for my business.
🔲 INDUSTRY: If you’re a photographer in the Boston are, type in photography and watch all the amazing groups pop up. Get creative and browse … SO much potential for new business, you just have to know where to look.
🔲 CONTENT: DO NOT SHARE BORING CONTENT TO GROUPS. This is your reputation on the line, so don’t post too often and watch the content you choose to post

Example: I would create an about the owner post for the client I’m working for and post that to the group so the people in the group could get to know the owners, brand and maybe learn something new! An easy way to do this is to introduce yourself to the group, what you do and how you’re unique (don’t forget to tag your business page). Another post I would share to FB groups are giveaways!

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