3 Topics to start conversations on social media

Let’s get them talking! Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas

“What do I talk about on Social Media?” THISSSS is such a common question I get all the time. So where do you start? You might feel like no one wants to hear what you have to say but the truth is that the content you are putting out now might not be working for you. Switch up your strategy, test the waters and see what your audience wants to hear.

1.Talk about how YOU started

Believe it or not people do want to hear about YOU and how your business came about. It may not be a glamorous story that has a crazy cliff hanger turning into a multi-million dollar business but THATS OK! Hit the key points, WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW.


My name is Brittany Pace-Raley I started a social media management company after getting denied from over 20 jobs+ in the marketing field (Dunkin Brand- Reebok headquarters just to name a few). I felt defeated and knew I was made to do much more than work for the University that I graduated from giving tours. After leaving the job at my University, I started helping my parents with their real estate marketing in Bridgewater, MA and discovered an untapped niche. Once I proved myself and provided results, it was like a ripple effect and next thing I knew I was getting a new inquiry each day ….

2.Get them engaging- ask a question!

Welcome to Facebook where everyone has an opinion and LOVESSS giving out that opinion- whether its good or bad, you’re going to hear it! These are my favorite type of posts because I get to meet my audience and see what they like/dislike.


How did you feel when you first purchased your home!? Comment below with a GIF!

3. Do a poll

Polls are so much fun and they get your audience engaging! There are so many ways to add a poll to your social media pages, so start thinking of ways to incorporate them into your business accounts!


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